I Finally Broke Up With An Old Flame

Crystal HatDear Crystal;

It’s not you, it’s me.  I know.  That’s hardly original.  Sorry.  But it’s true.  It is me.  This is difficult enough without having to be creative on top of it.  I’ve just … changed.  And you … haven’t.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  Hell I wish I was still the same guy I was when we first met.  Well mostly, anyway.  But I’m not.  Life’s a bitch that way.  Some of us just don’t age well. Continue reading “I Finally Broke Up With An Old Flame”

My Life Is A Song #66

Shirthead Countdown #66Pink Floyd is an incredible band.  They have created some of the most phenomenal rock music in all of history.  The Wall is arguably the greatest rock opera of all time.  However, if you were like me and raised on top 40 radio a few decades ago (or even Classic Rock radio more recently) your exposure to Pink Floyd is most likely limited to “Money” and “Another Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #66”

My Life Is A Song #65

Shirthead Countdown #65Love songs can be … … nauseating.  As my children assert their musical tastes on the household, my ears are increasingly besieged by the stomach churning bilge that is a pop music ballads.  Not that rock ballads or, god forbid, country ballads are much better and I say that as someone who greatly appreciated when Bryan Adams’ “Straight From The Heart” Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #65”

Pigeon Lake Provincial Park Campground – Review

Pigeon Lake Provincial Park SignWe made our way to Pigeon Lake Provincial Park for the Canada Day long weekend and things went awry before we even pulled the trailer out of the backyard, continued throughout our drive there, and failed to cease over the first night there.  With reviews in no small part reflecting the mindset of the reviewer at the time of writing, this inauspicious start to our weekend does not bode well for Pigeon Lake Provincial Park. Continue reading “Pigeon Lake Provincial Park Campground – Review”

2016 Resolutions – Q2 Report

2016 Resolutions Q2 ReviewWe have reached the midway point of the year 2016 and all I have to say about that is holy crapdoodle.  It seems so unfair that once we finally reach adulthood, the glory land of our childhood desires, that time decides to put the hammer down and rush through this phase as quickly as possible.  By the time we’re in our eighties, entire days must seem like mere hours. Continue reading “2016 Resolutions – Q2 Report”

My Life Is A Song #63

Shirthead Countdown #63Oh look, more mid-eighties music you either forgot or never knew in the first place.  This time it comes courtesy of hard blues rock Canadian indie band, The New Meanies.  You know the story by now, this is when I was hearing new music and actually spending money on actual CDs.  This is how I came to own the only major label release by these guys. Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #63”

How I Built This Body

Junk Food In CartFew of us would ever deny that the teenage years are tumultuous.  But once we’ve put sufficient years between them and our present, they start to shine in a different light.  And that light is mostly couched in awe.  Awe derived from a newfound appreciation for the remarkable lifestyle we effortlessly sustained during this brief yet impactful period of life. Continue reading “How I Built This Body”

My Life Is A Song #62

Shirthead Countdown #62Every few years a hit song will come along that although very catchy and providing me much joy, leaves me wondering how is it not plagiarizing some other work?  Not being a musician myself, or a copyright expert, I suspect there may be some guitar riffs so basic they are considered public domain.  How else to explain this song?  Surely someone used this lick back in the fifties or sixties.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see it show up in my son’s introductory piano lesson book. Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #62”

Buffets and the Reality of Aging

Street Buffet Public DomainIt’s not a buffet if you don’t go back for more.

That was the official motto for corporate lunches at a small exploration company where I once worked.  Every so often we’d venture from our headquarters to the retail area of a nearby gentrified neighbourhood to enjoy a modest selection all-you-can-eat Chinese Continue reading “Buffets and the Reality of Aging”