My Life Is A Song #62

Shirthead Countdown #62Every few years a hit song will come along that although very catchy and providing me much joy, leaves me wondering how is it not plagiarizing some other work?  Not being a musician myself, or a copyright expert, I suspect there may be some guitar riffs so basic they are considered public domain.  How else to explain this song?  Surely someone used this lick back in the fifties or sixties.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see it show up in my son’s introductory piano lesson book. Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #62”

Buffets and the Reality of Aging

Street Buffet Public DomainIt’s not a buffet if you don’t go back for more.

That was the official motto for corporate lunches at a small exploration company where I once worked.  Every so often we’d venture from our headquarters to the retail area of a nearby gentrified neighbourhood to enjoy a modest selection all-you-can-eat Chinese Continue reading “Buffets and the Reality of Aging”

My Life Is A Song #61

Shirthead Countdown #61This is going to sound terribly un-PC but whatever happened to chick rock?  Maybe it’s just my lack of attention since the turn of the millennium, but I just don’t hear about girl bands kicking ass anymore.  In the nineties there were a few years where some really awesome women hit the rock/punk scene with good guitar driven, sometimes Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #61”

Mount Kidd RV Park – Review

Mount KiddIn our half-decade of family camping, a weekend at Mount Kidd RV Park has quickly become our traditional kickoff to the summer camping season.  We’ve made annual pilgrimages for several years now along with a group of two or three other families each June.  Relatively close to Calgary, in beautiful Kananaskis Country, Mount Kidd is well known and regularly visited by Calgary campers.  And rightly so, as Mount Kidd is just about the perfect mix of wilderness mountain camping with all the comforts of a modern RV park. Continue reading “Mount Kidd RV Park – Review”

My Life Is A Song #60

Shirthead Countdown #60I’m sensing a bit of a pattern here.  Apparently the early to mid-nineties were my adventure years with music.  They weren’t terribly experimental years, as I very rarely wandered from the basic rock formula of vocals-electric guitar-drums, but I was managing to collect a few albums by bands not readily sliding off the tongue in G.O.A.T conversations. Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #60”

My 2016 Leacock Medal Challenge – Winner

Winner IsAwarding “the best” is always fraught with contention, as any avid sports fan will quickly tell you.  Be it a Hall of Fame induction or an MVP honour, there is almost never universal agreement on any winner.  The Baseball Hall of Fame, as it is well known, has never once had a unanimous inductee.  Hell, we can’t even come to agreement on what these awards are even honouring.  Stipulations, context, interpretation and good old human stubbornness conspire annually to thrust every winner into a pit of swirling, petty controversy.  Art, it seems, is no different. Continue reading “My 2016 Leacock Medal Challenge – Winner”

My Life Is A Song #59

Shirthead Countdown #59True story.  Once, when I was twelve or so, I thought I had written “Rock You” in my sleep.  One morning I awoke with the riff and words already in my head.  “Gimme an R, O, C, K.  Watchya got? ROCK!  And watchya gonna do?  ROCK YOU!”  It was brilliant and I figured not only was I on the cusp of untold fame and fortune, truly remarkable considering I’d never played a guitar chord in my life, but I was also some sort of musically genius for having this song basically come to me in a dream. Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #59”

Poles Apart by Terry Fallis – review

Poles Apart CoverThis book, Terry Fallis’ latest, Poles Apart, had me in tears. Unfortunately those tears resulted from disappointment rather than the presumably preferred laughter, hardly the desired reaction by reader, of author, to a finalist of a major humour award such as The Leacock Medal. It’s been well over a week since I finished reading it and I’m still in shock at how much I disliked this book. Continue reading “Poles Apart by Terry Fallis – review”

My Life Is A Song #58

Shirthead Countdown #58What?  You didn’t expect hair metal in this blog series?  I was an eighties teenager, for Christ sake, how could hair metal not be part of this?  We were hair metal!  If anything, this is far too late in coming and believe me, there will be more.

This is one of those bands that simply oozes hair metal. From the gaudy outfits to the corny band name to, yes, the magnificent hair, you won’t find many bands more hair metal than this one.  And I was infatuated with this song in the summer of 1988. Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #58”