When The Saints by Sarah Mian – Review

When The Saints Book CoverThere’s nothing like embarking on a new challenge by inadvertently cuffing yourself upside the head, which is precisely how I feel right now about this book.  When The Saints, by Sarah Mian is the first of the three finalists for the 2016 Leacock Medal I chose to read.  It was a purely random act, that choice, but one that immediately turned my modest ploy for blog attention into a legitimate conundrum.  What do I make of this book? Continue reading “When The Saints by Sarah Mian – Review”

My Life Is A Song #57

Shirthead Countdown #57Greatest Hits albums are a wonderful invention.  Long before music went digital and became “free”, the only way to feasibly accumulate the hit songs from an otherwise uninteresting artist was to either tape them off the radio over the course of potentially years or buy a Greatest Hits collection.  If you were lucky, the artist you were targeting but didn’t love was just popular enough to warrant a Greatest Hits release but also just lacking in hits to ensure every song you were interested in would be included on the Greatest Hits package. Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #57”

You Found Me How?

Gibson_Girls_Magnifying_Glass_by_Charles_Dana_GibsonOne could reasonably argue that blogging is a desperate plea for attention by the lonely, deranged, and/or narcissistic.  Whatever the impetus for blogging, it would all be mute were it not for tools that measure readership.  Pleas for attention become rather pointless without indications of having an actual audience.  Not surprisingly, such tools abound from the incredibly robust to the eloquently simple.  The former suitable for popular websites Continue reading “You Found Me How?”

My 2016 Leacock Medal Challenge

Photo, show business head shot of man laughing with what looks like filed teeth. Scan of 2 d images in the public domain believed to be free to use without restriction in the US.

I’m about to write something incredibly insulting to a great number of people who are complete strangers to me.  I will post this on the internet where such screeds are, shall we say, plentiful.  Please do bear with me, for my statement is not borne of hubris or disrespect but is rather wholly a product of ignorance.  Surely I earn brownie points for at least admitting such a failing. Continue reading “My 2016 Leacock Medal Challenge”

An Awesome Mother’s Day Gift

Grade 1 Cook Book CoverToday is Mother’s Day, the one day out of the entire year we endeavour to do what we should already be doing on a near daily basis; thanking, honouring, and rewarding those women who gave us life and unconditional love.  It is also a day where I am most grateful for our public education system and the teachers employed therein.  For it is these fine, upstanding caretakers of our children who bear sole responsibility for ensuring my kids create the perfect Mother’s Day gift, an obligation I am all too happy to pass along to complete strangers. Continue reading “An Awesome Mother’s Day Gift”

My Life Is A Song #55

Shirthead Countdown #55Yesterday marked the 9th anniversary of my Grandpa Schmidt’s passing.

This also means that I have a 9 year old child.  She was born just five short weeks prior to Grandpa’s death.  Things had been so hectic with a newborn and us being so far from any family that I hadn’t even taken the time to speak to him or Grandma on the phone about their newest great grandchild yet.  I never got that chance and that’s something I’ll mourn the rest of my days. Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #55”

The High Cost of Being Cheap

Shaved HeadAs you can see, I am now sporting a near skinhead ‘do.  This is not my preferred hairstyle, I can assure you, though I do like my lid sufficiently trimmed.  Just not this trimmed.  As a doughy, white guy with the surname Schmidt, embracing a neo-Nazi visage comes with significant, unwanted baggage.  I’m a hasty face tattoo away from having elderly ladies scream when I turn my cart into their isle at the grocery store. Continue reading “The High Cost of Being Cheap”

My Life Is A Song #54

Shirthead Countdown #54I spent a good chunk of my early life knowing exactly who Alice Cooper was yet having zero knowledge of his music.  He is such a pop culture icon, that infamous black eye makeup as familiar as Elvis’ jumpsuits and Jason’s goalie mask, and yet few people outside of classic rock fans pay much attention to his actual music.  Even now he’s probably better known to a segment of the population for being a surprisingly good golfer for a rock ‘n’ roll freak. Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #54”

I Am Obsolete

IBM_7090_computerThere is a moment when the last lingering doubt withers away and you are finally forced to accept that you no longer have the skills to resume a former career.  An instant when evidence cuffs you upside the head and reality sharpens to pinpoint focus.  It is not a pleasant moment but it is surprisingly liberating.  Once the internal weeping ceases. Continue reading “I Am Obsolete”