The Resurrection of Jake the Snake – review

The Resurrection of Jake the Snake PosterOn April 7th, 1986, my friend and I went to Kitchener Memorial Auditorium to watch Wrestlemania 2 on a “Big Screen Television”.  Ridiculous by today’s home entertainment standards, this was kind of a big deal in the mid-eighties when most people’s rec rooms still housed 4:3 CRT televisions, often dressed up as furniture, and 27” was considered “big”.  In fact, that big screen television at the city arena was likely not Continue reading “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake – review”

My Life Is A Song #70

Shirthead Countdown #70I can’t tell you how I first heard this song or even when.  Considering the artist, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a discovery in my parents’ attic among a box of my mother’s teen keepsakes, but it wasn’t.  I remember having zero clue who this artist was other than it being obvious he was of an “oldies” persuasion.  Little did I know he was a veritable legend of both television and rock ‘n’ roll and one of the first teen idols. Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #70”

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park – review

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park SignAnother summer weekend means another trip northward towards the provincial capital.  This time we were camping southeast of the big city at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park.  With four brand new, extra ply trailer tires adorning our trailer, we anxiously set out in hopes of finally making it to a campground without blowing any tires.  I’m happy to report, that we achieved this lofty goal!  Fingers crossed that the curse is finally broken. Continue reading “Miquelon Lake Provincial Park – review”

My Life Is A Song #69

Shirthead Countdown #69Sometimes you learn of new music from the most unlikely of places.  Sometimes those places are unlikely because of your hidden prejudices.  This is a folksy tale of how the former revealed the latter and awakened me to a wonderful world of music I most likely would still be ignorant of were it not for one fateful afternoon football game. Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #69”

Wabamun Lake Provincial Park – review

Wabamun Lake Park SignAfter last weekend’s misadventure we were eager to get camping with our new trailer tire and new tailgate hinges.  There’s nothing quite like the excitement of repaired vehicles hitting the open road.  Well, okay, not really, but we were definitely hopeful of an uneventful trip to our next camping destination, Wabamun Lake Provincial Park, west of Edmonton.  That hope was abruptly dashed as we passed Innisfail, which for those unfamiliar with Alberta geography, is well short of our near Edmonton destination.  Continue reading “Wabamun Lake Provincial Park – review”

My Life Is A Song #68

Shirthead Countdown #68If I continue with this music series until I die and that moment of death occurs at a respectable long life age like say 87, I doubt I’ll ever mention a song quite as odd or obscure as this one.  You most definitely won’t hear it on the radio.  The fact I even know about this song and this band is a tribute to the value of having friends with older siblings.  If said siblings Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #68”

Pizza Night in Rowley, Alberta – review

Sams Saloon at Rowley AlbertaIf there’s one thing I’d pinpoint as the worst part of being a stay-at-home parent it has to be the fact that long weekends quickly lose their exceptionality.  Not only do they become meaningless with regard to my daily life, but they all too regularly become completely forgotten.  Such was the case this past August long weekend, known as Heritage Day here in Alberta, when I once again was confronted with Sudden Onset Long Weekend Panic.  Continue reading “Pizza Night in Rowley, Alberta – review”

My Life Is A Song #67

Shirthead Countdown #67This week, I confess to a crime.

This type of crime may confuse my younger readers, may even amuse them.  In a world where one’s entire collection of owned music can be stored digitally on a device the size of a cassette tape and easily shared with friends in seconds, the very concept of stealing an actual cassette Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #67”

I Finally Broke Up With An Old Flame

Crystal HatDear Crystal;

It’s not you, it’s me.  I know.  That’s hardly original.  Sorry.  But it’s true.  It is me.  This is difficult enough without having to be creative on top of it.  I’ve just … changed.  And you … haven’t.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  Hell I wish I was still the same guy I was when we first met.  Well mostly, anyway.  But I’m not.  Life’s a bitch that way.  Some of us just don’t age well. Continue reading “I Finally Broke Up With An Old Flame”

My Life Is A Song #66

Shirthead Countdown #66Pink Floyd is an incredible band.  They have created some of the most phenomenal rock music in all of history.  The Wall is arguably the greatest rock opera of all time.  However, if you were like me and raised on top 40 radio a few decades ago (or even Classic Rock radio more recently) your exposure to Pink Floyd is most likely limited to “Money” and “Another Continue reading “My Life Is A Song #66”